10 Self-Care Gifts Every Health-Conscious Individual Should Buy

Written by Dr. Jatin Bhide on Mon, 01 April 2024

Key Highlights

  • Due to rapid changes in the external environment and a resurgence in lifestyle diseases, it is now essential to put your health first.
  • Make self-care a priority to be in the pink of health at all times.
  • Here are 10 gifts you can take your pick from to gift yourself good health.

In today's world, good health is more a necessity than a choice. With the environment around us changing rapidly and a resurgence in lifestyle diseases, it has become obvious that our health needs more attention now than ever before.

So, this Christmas season, put yourself first and gift yourself a slice of good health.

1. Smoothie maker

Smoothies are healthy, tasty, and easy to make. According to most nutritionists, breakfast is considered to be the most vital meal of the day, and there is nothing better than getting a smoothie in for a power start to your mornings.

With a smoothie maker, making breakfast smoothies can be both fun and healthy. By using immunity-boosting ingredients such as grapefruit, lime, orange, lemon, ginger, etc, smoothies can also help build immunity, while packing in a shot of instant energy.

2. Smog-absorbing air purifier

Smog-absorbing air purifier

We live in perilous times of environmental change with pollution, smog, and degraded air quality. The air we breathe is polluted with car emissions, chemicals from factories, greenhouse gases, dust, pollen, and particulate matter. Wearing a mask might be helpful, but it's not possible to do so all the time. Therefore, to protect ourselves from various diseases, it is necessary to find a better solution.

New smog-absorbing air purifiers in the market can be a thoughtful gift for yourself as well as for someone you care about. For health-conscious family members or friends who might be sensitive to air pollutants or for individuals with asthma, this health-conscious product can be a great gift to show them that you care.

3. All-natural bath and body products

Chemicals are a part of our daily life. Sometimes our daily-use products such as moisturizers, shampoos, soaps, etc, come laced with harmful chemicals under names that we do not recognize. This can cause various skin conditions like rashes, redness, or pimples. Some of these ingredients like SLS (Sodium laureth sulfate) or parabens, are also known to be cancerous in the long run.

This Christmas, pledge to read labels more carefully and gift yourself or your near and dear ones, an all-natural bath and body care products hamper. These products usually have a small shelf life and are freshly prepared by small businesses. It is a great environment-friendly and health-conscious way of using self-care products. Out of the many wellness gift ideas, these products can make awesome gifts as they are meant to keep your loved ones nourished.

4. Dark chocolate and granola bar kits

Who doesn't love chocolate? In health-conscious countries, most people have turned to incorporating 90% dark chocolate in their diet for its health benefits. However, not all types of chocolate are good for you. Milk chocolate and white chocolate have high amounts of sugar. Dark chocolate, however, is low in sugar and high in antioxidants. 60-70% dark chocolate is considered to be good for you.

Granola and protein bars are high in proteins, rich in fiber, very filling, and so good for you! All-natural granola bars that have honey or stevia in them are great options for gym fanatics or just anyone who cares about their health.

Gifting your sugar and weight-conscious folks rich dark chocolate and yummy granola or protein bars is a great way for them to indulge in self-care and fitness.

5. Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA)

This device can measure body fat percentage, weight, lean mass, etc. and is a must-have for every health-conscious person. So, if you are conscious about your weight, body fat, muscle mass, and other specifications, you can very well rely on this gift for accurate results. For your loved ones who are fitness freaks and would like to keep track of their health status, this is a wonderful fit.

These analytical machines are usually kept in gyms, but now with the era of home gyms and DIY fitness, a bioelectrical impedance analysis machine can make a great self-care gift for fitness enthusiasts.

6. Set of medicinal herbs and plants

Medicinal herbs have been in use since the ancient times for common problems such as cold, cough, blocked sinuses, headaches, digestive problems, etc.

Medicinal greens such as holy basil, lemongrass, peppermint, garlic, cilantro, rosemary, chamomile, ginger, etc. are packed with flavonoids, antioxidants and are easy to grow in your backyard or your small kitchen garden.

These herbs can be quickly brewed into teas or tonics and consumed in the case of common ailments. They can also make for holistic gift ideas given their health-boosting properties, and also encourage the hobby of gardening and recreation.

7. Fitness band and monitor

Fitness band and monitor

Fitness bands, usually small devices that are worn on the wrist has taken over the world with their precision to show details such as heart rate, pulse, oxygen, kilometers walked/jogged, number of steps, etc.

These fitness bands help a person to measure their daily fitness progress and is a great gift to encourage exercise and keep yourself motivated. When it comes to putting health first, this one sure tops the list of self-care gifts.

8. Meditation headbands

Talking about wellness gift ideas, meditation headbands can sense the electrical impulses in the brain while you are thinking, sleeping, or even relaxing. With this device, you can calm your mind with guided meditations, calming sounds, and even beats that can help you relax your mind and body.

So, if you are someone who is faced with a lot of stress and anxiety issues, and looking for the perfect mental health gift for yourself, relaxing with meditation headbands is something you should definitely try.

9. Foot massager

Foot massagers are relaxing and come with multiple benefits. They increase circulation of blood, reduce foot ache or edema, help in lowering blood pressure and sugar, aid in calming anxiety, and so on.

Foot massagers are good not just for yourself, but also for the elderly in your family to help them relax and better their health in the most effortless way possible. It also fits the category for gifts for women over 50, like, for example, our moms who need to relax a little.

10. Aromatherapy kit

Year-end is a great time to unwind and relax. And getting an aromatherapy kit to relax is actually a great idea for your overall wellbeing and self-care. Aromatherapy has been scientifically proven to relieve stress and give a feel-good effect.

Aromatherapy kits comprise essential oils, incense sticks, scented candles, and diffusers. They might also come with calming live waterfall models to help one relax better.


As you go into another year, remember, self-care and good health are two of the most important things to consider, when it comes to being in the pink of health, both mentally and physically.


Dr. Jatin Bhide

Dr Jatin Bhide is an Ayurvedic doctor with over 16 years of enriching experience in Marketing and Strategy across OTC/FMHG, herbal medicine and Nutraceuticals (Europe) industries. He did his Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS) from Mumbai University, before moving on to do a Post Graduate Diploma in Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Management.

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