7 Aerobic Dance Workouts To Try During Periods

Written by GHBY Team on Tue, 01 August 2023

Key Highlights

  • Working out on period days might be a challenge.
  • Dancing might be a great way to break the mental barriers of exercise during periods.
  • Here are 7 dancercising ways to make periods less gloomy and get the workout your body deserves.

Period days can be dull, foggy, and fatigued. Daily tasks might feel like a challenge and working out is a lost cause. It might seem like getting anything done is impossible during such times. Period days pose physical challenges but there is no denying the fact that most of the barriers lie in our minds.
Exercise is an essential part of our lives and it is necessary to keep your body moving even during periods! It releases happy hormones called endorphins in our bodies, especially aerobic exercises for women. These also help us get rid of bloating and digestive issues, making it the best exercise to do in periods.
Moving around is great for our bodies and it is essential to perform at least 30 minutes of exercise every day. You can do this the fun way by dancing your heart out to different types of music and beats.

Here are 7 fun aerobic dances that are great workouts during period days:

1. Zumba

Zumba is a form of exercise routine that combines a mix of upbeat Latin, Salsa, and international music with an energizing set of moves. These dance moves are aerobic and combine interval training, resistance training, and strength training in their dance moves. You don't have to be a dancer to practice Zumba. Anyone who enjoys power beats and is willing to perform and stick to the entire routine can get on board.
The Zumba fitness program starts slow and keeps pacing throughout the routine. It is a great way to get your body moving and burn a significant amount of calories.
Practicing Zumba on your period days can change your mood and fill you up with happy hormones that can help you stay energized for the rest of the day.

2. Masala bhangra

Bhangra is a dance style with origins in north India. Masala Bhangra is a dance fitness program that involves a well-choreographed dance routine with some active moves and some traditional bhangra moves. This dance routine requires lots of energy and is effective in losing weight.
It is a great way to enjoy some fun and cheeky dance moves that help you break into a sweat. A workout of this sort can get your mind off the period pain and get you grooving. The movements in bhangra can exercise your abdominal and pelvic muscles and help in the easy passage of blood clots.
An hour of this aerobic dance routine can transform your period blues into a healthy and happy state of mind. Your body will feel energized and ready for work post this active and aerobic workout session.

3. Step aerobics

Step aerobics is another vitalizing form of aerobic dance exercise routine which involves a step-like platform for movements. The dance workout routine is made such that the moves require us to work up and around the raised platform to gain maximum lower body movement. The music helps to move our bodies accordingly and keep up with the beat and the flow of the workout.
This workout routine is great for building cardiovascular strength and working out one's lower body. Breaking into a sweat can help with getting rid of toxins and negative emotions during periods.
If you are feeling too overwhelmed to lift heavy weights or go to the gym, working out at home is possible with this step aerobic dance routine. So gear up and give this aerobic workout a try.

4. Jazzercise

Have you heard of jazzercise before? It is an intense aerobic dance exercise routine. Jazzercise involves cardio, mat exercises, strength training, resistance training, kickboxing, Pilates, and a lot more into one fitness routine. The workout is guided by funky and upbeat music which keeps the body grooving and the mind refreshed.
This is a great workout to consider on your period days as it can be motivating and refreshing even for a beginner. You need not go to a fitness center or a gym to be a part of jazzercise. It is possible to adhere to this aerobic dance fitness routine even from the comfort of your home with the help of videotapes.
Jazzercise can help you build a good physique and drive away your period blues. Give this workout a try!

5. Aqua dance aerobics

If you happen to have a pool at your place or have a membership to a swimming pool, this one is for you! Swimming is a great way to get some aerobic exercise even during periods but have you heard about aqua dance aerobics? It is a fun way to look at exercise and it is 100 % efficient in getting your body the movement it needs. It also helps burn around 400-500 calories an hour which makes it a great aerobic workout.
Aqua dance aerobics is a workout routine wherein aerobic dance moves are performed while being submerged in water. This also includes upbeat, energetic, and refreshing music that helps you perform better. The water offers great resistance to the moves and thus the body is worked out efficiently in this workout.
Give this fun aerobic workout a try if you are a water lover!

6. Break-free dance

If you are a dance lover, this aerobic exercise is for you! Break-free dancing is a great way to express yourself with dance and get your body some movement. It is a form of street-style dance that involves hip-hop and some gymnastic moves that require strength. It need not be anything specific; even if you just want to dance it out to your favorite music without a break for around 30 minutes, it will still be considered a good workout for your period days.
Performing break-free dancing regularly can help in improving stamina, and endurance, boost energy and even reduce stress. Break free dancing can also help you clear your mind of negative emotions and fill your body with endorphins. This can reduce menstrual pain and brain fog during periods helping you think and act with clarity. The body will feel relaxed and at ease post this workout session.

7. Belly dancing

Belly dance has its origins in the Middle East and India. This dance form involves working out the torso, and abdominal and pelvic muscles in a rhythmic movement. The lower body also plays a crucial role in performing these moves. Belly dancing can be considered an aerobic full-body workout that burns around 300 calories every 30 minutes.
The mesmerizing music and the thumping beats can take over your mind and body while giving you the most subtle yet intense workout experience ever.
Belly dancing can increase the flow of blood towards the pelvic region and reduce painful cramps. Engaging in a belly dancing session is a great way to get some exercise and relieve menstrual pain during that time of the month. Give this unique workout a try.


Periods might make it hard to fit in a regular workout routine, but these dance workouts are fun and engaging ways to get your body exercising during your period. So if a regular workout or a gym feels too much, you can get ready to work out to alluring beats that can change the way you look at period days. Stay fit and have an active period week!




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