Juices And Smoothies To Boost Your Digestive Health

Written by Jillian Lai Mei Siew on Tue, 01 August 2023


Every time we indulge in spicy and oily foods (which can be often), they add inches and injure our digestive system severely. It is therefore important to soothe and reduce the pressure on the intestine through detoxification. A juice fast is a great way to cleanse your digestive tract. And it is best done with natural fruit and vegetable juices that flush out toxins and food residue from the system, improve bowel movement, and soothe the digestive tract linings in a nourishing manner without any potential side effects. Smoothies and digestion too go hand-in-hand, as smoothies come packed with natural fibres that nourish the good bacteria in our gut. With this in mind, let us take a look at some recipes for juices and smoothies for digestive health. 

Juicing vs blending

You're probably wondering about the difference between juices and smoothies. Juicing is a process in which you essentially remove all fibrous materials, leaving only the liquid of the fruits and vegetables behind. On the other hand, when you blend smoothies, you incorporate the pulp and fibre as well. This lends smoothies a thicker texture. Juicing and blending have both been touted for their ability to eliminate toxins, control weight, and improve the workings of your digestive health.

Juices and Smoothies for Digestive Health

1. Apple juice

Apple juice may provide you with a very gentle laxative effect. It's often recommended for children who have constipation because it has a relatively high ratio of fructose to glucose and sorbitol content. Pectin is a substance that will add bulk to your stool. It becomes firmer and more difficult to pass, making it a better choice after episodes of diarrhoea.

How to make: People can juice whole apples and drink it; they can also add apple juice to other juices or smoothies. When making apple juice at home, consider leaving the skin on for extra fiber content. That said, only small amounts will remain after the juicing process.

2. Lemon water

Lemons are high in vitamin C, an antioxidant compound that pulls water into the gut. Increasing water content inside the gut can help soften stools and stimulate bowel movements.

Mild dehydration can cause constipation. Drinking a mixture of lemon juice and water may help relieve constipation in some people.

How to make: To make lemon water, simply mix the juice of half a lemon into a glass of warm water. Try drinking this first thing in the morning. Also remember to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day.

3. Pear, Celery and Ginger Smoothie

The combination of pear and celery and the slightly spicy and warm effects of ginger are great for the detoxification diet.

How to make: Peel and remove the seeds of the pear and cut them into rough cubes. Take about a 1-inch piece of ginger and chop the celery. Add all the three ingredients into the mixer; mix well and add some water if the smoothie is too dry. Pour in a tall serving glass and enjoy with a pinch of cinnamon powder on the top.

This is indeed a star when it comes to smoothies and digestion.

4. Orange, Aloe Vera and Spinach Juice

This juice is rich in vitamin C and citric acid, which help increase the acidic medium of the stomach, aiding in digestion.

How to make: Combine orange juice, spinach, and aloe vera pulp into a blender and blend until the consistency is smooth. Pour into a glass and drink right away, or chill in the refrigerator.

Most of us are busy and on the go throughout the day. Even with the best intentions and prepped meals, we often eat empty calories and processed food.


It is important to take some time to detoxify and cleanse your digestive tract with the right smoothies for digestive health. Starting the day with a fresh, whole, and nutrient-dense juice or a smoothie can only brighten up your morning and get you off to a good start.


Jillian Lai Mei Siew

As the Product Consultant Manager of Mega BiO-LiFE, Jillian Lai Mei Siew, has the role of providing a productive team spirit among all Product Consultants to equip them with the right health nutritional information. Jillian is a BSc in Nutrition and Community Health, and a MSc in Nutritional Sciences an from Universiti Putra Malaysia. Affiliated to the Professional Affiliation Languages & Dialects Nutrition Society of Malaysia, NSM, Jillian can speak English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Hokkien and Malay.

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