How To Improve Digestion Problems With Easy Home Remedies

Written by Dr. Jatin Bhide on Tue, 01 August 2023


Digestive problems are a common occurrence in our day to day lives. Over the years, our approach towards tackling them has changed considerably. Today, we look for a quick-fix solution for every regular digestive problem. And all we do is pop a pill, so it resolves things temporarily.

But if we were to look back and go down memory lane and look for ways on how to improve digestion naturally at home, it was simple home remedies or grandma's remedies (as they are rightly called), that came to our rescue every time we were faced with a bout of acidity, gas, diarrhea or constipation.

Simple teas, incorporating loads of fiber in the diet, ingredients like ginger, and a few lifestyle changes can work wonders for our digestive health.

So, before looking for an external solution, try out these home remedies to ways to get rid of indigestion the old school way.

Oopsie daisies of the gut

There are countless number of times when binge eating junk food can lead to moments of regret and discomfort. Rushed meals can be a major cause for indigestion and upset the stomach. Those embarrassing rumbles or burps are caused by gas due to improper chewing of food or eating certain sensitive food items.

That hot spot of pain near the breastbone which is known as heartburn and that uncomfortable feeling at the back of the throat due to constant brushing of sour liquid is acidity. It is common every time we overeat or are stressed out. At times, it's the bloating, while at other times, it's the nausea that gives us trouble.

Let us look at some natural remedies for indigestion.

Natural remedies for indigestion

Most of the time, simple home remedies will help resolve digestive issues. Rather than reaching out for medications, a few kitchen ingredients may help ease out these troubles.

1. The super spice: ginger

One of the handiest spices in our kitchen is ginger, which is known to be one of the best foods for digestion problems.

  • Ginger has a unique ability to cure an array of tummy problems, right from indigestion to gas to bloating, acidity and cramps.
  • Ginger also reduces nausea and vomiting and facilitates overall digestion. Ginger stimulates digestive juices and saliva improving gastric motility.
  • Ginger is also known to speed up stomach emptying and benefits people with chronic indigestion and related stomach discomfort. It also alleviates constipation and heals the gut.
  • Ginger tea, ginger water, ginger candy, ginger ale are some easy ways to reduce excessive stomach acid while soothing the stomach.
  • A spoonful of a simple concoction of ginger, lemon and rock salt can kickstart good digestion and improve the overall rhythm of the digestive tract.

Other tummy-friendly ingredients

A number of day-to-day ingredients that are used as food additives maintain the health of your tummy.

  • Galangal added to food, relieves digestive discomfort. Tamarind is effective against nausea and constipation.
  • Turmeric promotes the production of bile and facilitates digestion.
  • Black pepper aids in digestion by stimulating the stomach acid and improving digestion.
  • Fennel seeds are known to soothe inflammation in the gut and relax the GI tract.
  • Drinking mint tea with fresh mint leaves is a great way to improve gastric motility and it also soothes indigestion.
  • Organic camphor improves the secretion of digestive juices and also acts as an excellent carminative.

Bulking up the food with fiber

Fiber-rich food aids digestion and prevents constipation as well as diarrhea. Fiber absorbs water and softens stools so they can pass easily. At the same time, fiber can also prevent diarrhea, by absorbing water, making the stools solid, and slowing down the transit of food through the intestines.

  • Whole grains, fruits and vegetables are rich sources of fiber that help regulate bowel movements.
  • An average adult should include 30 g of fiber in their daily diet.
  • Along with green leafy vegetable fruits like bananas, apples, pears, papayas can help you meet your daily fibre requirements.So, pay close attention to your fibre intake and make sure to ingest enough for a happy gut!

Friends of the gut-probiotic food

Probiotic foods contain tiny live gut-friendly bacteria and feature high in the list of foods that are good for your digestive system. Fermented food like yogurt serve as probiotics and enable restore the health of the gut and ease digestive discomfort.

Other probiotic foods like buttermilk, tempeh, certain types of cheeses, pickled vegetables also aid digestion and restore gut health. Including probiotic foods in our diet can really boost our digestive health.

Go herbal with tea

Herbal teas are teas made from plants, seeds, flowers, roots or fruits of different plants.

Herbal teas have served as home remedies for thousands of years.

Know some of the common ones that you may find handy to aid your digestion.

  • Chamomile tea is known to ease stomach discomfort, acidity, reduce pain, induce sleep and calm anxiety.
  • Drinking a cup of peppermint tea post meals helps soothe the stomach, relieves nausea and indigestion.
  • Ginger tea helps deal with an upset stomach and nausea, and adds a spicy touch to tea blends.
  • Rooibos tea grown exclusively in South Africa has a distinctive earthy and sweet flavour, perfect for blending with other herbs, fruits or flowers. It has multiple benefits from reducing cholesterol and high blood pressure, to treating colic in infants and increasing airflow to the lungs
  • Barley tea or mugicha is one of the most popular herbal teas in eastern Asia. This delicious tea is commonly used for aiding digestion and promoting weight loss.
  • Liquorice root tea is one of the naturally sweet teas in the world. Traditionally, it has been in use for treating stomach pain and cough.

A few other spices like cardamom are added during tea preparation. It is also known to soothe the stomach and help cure digestive ailments. A simple act of squeezing a lemon in warm water also neutralizes stomach acid and improves digestion.

Lifestyle modifications to aid digestion

1. Getting regular exercise

Having the right food constituents is half the battle won. However, regular exercise also needs to be incorporated into your daily routine so as to further assist your tummy resolve problems with digestion. A few simple exercises can ease out digestive issues and guarantee a peaceful night's sleep.

YogaA few simple yoga poses like boat pose, child's pose, standing forward bend, downward and upward dog pose, triangle pose and bow pose are great for improving digestion.
Deep breathingUsing your belly muscles for inhaling and exhaling can enhance your digestion.
Brisk walkingBrisk walking for 30-40 minutes a day keeps digestive issues at bay.
CyclingCycling is effective for the smooth functioning of abdominal muscles and helps better digestion.

2. Watching what you eat

Limiting the intake of processed, fried food, acidic and spicy food, sweeteners, alcohol and caffeine can keep digestive problems at bay.

Eating small meals at regular intervals, eating mindfully along with some regular exercise and incorporating stress management techniques like meditation and yoga will streamline the digestive process.

3. Getting enough sleep

Sleep is essential for regulating your bodily functions. Getting a sound sleep of 7-8 hours for your body will do wonders for your gut and overall well-being.

Deep sleep is necessary for the restoration of energy, cell regeneration and repair of tissues.

4. Staying hydrated

Drinking water aids in digestion, flushing out toxins and regulating our body functions. It is important to drink enough water throughout the day to maintain a healthy electrolyte balance. Staying hydrated can boost the overall health and wellbeing of a person.

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Home remedies can be of great help when it comes to indigestion treatment at home. They are easy, efficient and work wonders most of the time on how to improve digestion naturally at home. However, it is also important to remember that anything in excess, would only prove harmful in the long run.

If your stomach issues do not heal with these remedies, it is best advised to consult a doctor before matters go out of hand.

Keep reading our blogs for more such self care ideas.

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Dr. Jatin Bhide

Dr Jatin Bhide is an Ayurvedic doctor with over 16 years of enriching experience in Marketing and Strategy across OTC/FMHG, herbal medicine and Nutraceuticals (Europe) industries. He did his Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS) from Mumbai University, before moving on to do a Post Graduate Diploma in Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Management.

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