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Written by Dr. Pramod Mane on Tue, 01 August 2023


Your immune system has the most vital role in your body. It helps your body fight against harmful germs, bacteria, and viruses, thereby protecting you from harm. Without an immune system, it would be impossible to fight off the harmful invaders that enter our bodies or even to fix the harmful changes that occur within the body.

The onset of Covid-19 has taught us so many things about preventing the chances of flu-like diseases. But apart from washing your hands, not touching your face, and social distancing, there are so many things one can do to keep their immune system in shape.

Improve your diet

  • Garlic is well-known for its ability to boost the immune system because it contains a compound called 'allicin'. Allicin and its supplements are suggested to help with numerous health problems, such as fighting against heart disease, cancer, blood pressure, and more. It has antioxidant benefits and helps reduce inflammation. Consume half a raw garlic clove every day to reap the benefits of this power-ingredient. You can also lightly roast the garlic clove if you dislike the taste of raw garlic.
  • Prebiotics and Probiotics stimulate the immune system by increasing the population of beneficial microbes and good bacteria, especially lactic acid and bifidobacteria, in the gut. Prebiotics like chicory root contain inulin that nourishes the gut bacteria, improves digestion, and helps relieve constipation. Additionally, Jerusalem artichokes, onions, green bananas or plantains, oats, and barley are great sources of prebiotics.
  • Vitamin C is everyone's go-to nutrient when it comes to boosting immunity and rightfully so. There are over a dozen ways vitamin C strengthens your body's immunity. It strengthens the functioning of phagocytes which are white blood cells that surround and capture pathogens and other dangerous particles. They also help in the production of antibodies, B lymphocytes, and T-lymphocytes. Citrus fruits, broccoli, kiwi, kale and so many other fruits and vegetables are a great source of Vitamin C.
  • Alongside eating vitamin-C rich foods, Vitamin C supplements are also a great and simple way to boost your vitamin C intake if you struggle to get enough from your diet.
  • According to the NIH, most vitamin C supplements contain vitamin C in the form of ascorbic acid, which is comparable in bioavailability to the vitamin C that naturally occurs in foods, according to the NIH.
  • The NIH recommends that adults get 75 milligrams (mg) of vitamin C per day for women and 90 mg daily for men; smokers should get an additional 35 mg per day, and pregnant and breastfeeding women should get 85 and 120 mg, respectively.
  • Commercially, vitamin C is available in various forms to fulfil customer’s need. Choose acid-free vitamin C supplement that is gentle on the stomach if you have sensitive stomach. Sustained released vitamin C is often the preferred choice as it ensures steady supply of vitamin C in the body to support your wellbeing throughout the day.
  • Diets rich in antioxidants help defend your body from free radicals, which are potentially harmful molecules in your body. As free radicals accumulate in the body, they create a condition commonly known as oxidative stress. This condition can cause damage to the structures in your cells as well as your DNA. Dark chocolates, pecan nuts, blueberries, artichokes, and colourful fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants that can protect you from oxidative stress.

Vitamin C

Improve your lifestyle

  • Chronic stress can cause your body to produce too much cortisol which can lower your resistance to fighting off infections. Cortisol also increases your blood pressure and contributes to deteriorating sleep. Healthy lifestyle tweaks can help relieve you from stress.
  • When it comes to boosting your immunity, "get some rest" is the best advice. Adequate amounts of sleep will help your body release certain cytokines that can help you combat illness. Moreover, fighting pathogens requires a lot of energy, hence it is important to conserve your energy through sleep, to heal and fight illnesses with ease.
  • Meditation helps reduce the damage caused by stress and the production of cortisol in the body. It also leads your body towards an optimal heart rate, blood pressure, and helps reduce anxiety. Since it calms your mind, it also aids and promotes better sleep at night.
  • You don't need to go overboard with your exercise to strengthen your immunity. Daily exercise can build your body's resilience by increasing your blood circulation, limiting fat impact, and aiding in better elimination of toxins.

Even with all of the above, chances are you could still fall ill. Don't worry, it's natural. Take some time off to give your body a chance to heal faster as well as to avoid spreading the illness, if it is contagious. With good rest, a balanced diet, and proper hydration you get back on your feet in no time!


Dr. Pramod Mane

A Doctor of Medicine (MD) in Pharmacology., currently based in Mumbai, India, Dr Pramod Mane, comes with an experience of more than 20 years of working in Medical Affairs in the Pharmaceuticals & Nutraceutical Industry. Director of Medical Services at Mega Lifesciences since 2008, Dr Mane has been associated with several MNCS in the areas of Medical Affairs, Medical Services, Medico-marketing, Pharmacovigilance & Clinical trials in his illustrious career.

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