Yes, There Is Actually A Connection Between Your Gut Health & Skin

Written by Dr. Lozynska Liudmyla Yaroslavivna on Tue, 01 August 2023


Did you know that the gut is called the second brain? What if I told you that this second brain can have an effect on your skin? If you are having problems managing your skin health, you might want to tune your mind towards your gut. Confused about this bizarre gut health and skin connection? Let's understand it better.

Your gut and skin have an intimate link in terms of their purpose and how they function. This close relationship between the two is referred to as the skin-gut axis. There is numerous evidence that shows an important link between good gut health and skin homeostasis i.e how your skin maintains stability as per its surroundings. If you're wondering how gut health affects skin, then read on to learn more.

Gut health and skin connection

There is a constant dialogue between your gut and skin. Think of your gut as soil that supports a garden. If the soil gets the right nutrients, it will have a robust and blooming garden. Similarly, for your skin to look vibrant and beautiful, you need the right bacteria and nutrient balance in your gut.

So, how does gut health affect the skin?

  • If you don't digest your food properly or don't take enough nutrition, your skin won't receive the nutrient support it actually requires. This will affect your skin elasticity, reflect a poor skin tone thus affecting your skin health.
  • If you are addicted to eating junk or have a high-carb diet, it can disturb your gut health. Years of wrong eating habits can break the walls of your intestine causing a condition called the 'leaky gut'. This damages your gut and overall digestive health.
  • Psoriasis, eczema, acne, and other skin conditions are associated with an altered gut microbiome. Because your microbiome has an impact on your immunity, its composition plays an important role in combating different skin conditions.

Digestion and skin health

We all have that unique blueprint of good gut bacteria. However, if you lose out on the beneficial bacteria, a small change in your diet and lifestyle can ensure that good gut bacteria win the battle towards providing healthy skin:

Chew it for your gut:

Eat small portions and chew your food well so that it becomes a liquid before you gulp it. The saliva contains digestive enzymes that help break down the food that you eat.

Make wise choices with pre and pro:

Have foods rich in pre and probiotics. They work best when taken in combination than either of them consumed alone. Prebiotics like apples, bananas, berries help boost friendly bacteria and probiotics like yogurt, soft cheese, and sour pickles maintain a healthy gut balance. They allow the body to absorb nutrients that benefit your skin.

Go with grains:

Grains are a great source of fiber. However, the best way to consume them is to either ferment them or soak them so that they are easy to digest.

Stop those troubleshooters:

Avoid indulging in too many refined foods and sugar. These foods affect your gut flora thus affecting your overall digestion and skin.

Keep moving:

Yoga stretches, postures, and exercise help circulate nutrients to your skin. In addition, they lower your stress levels, making your skin look younger and healthier.

Remember, the gateway to healthy skin starts with a healthy gut. So, let your skin glow as you let your gut run the show.


Dr. Lozynska Liudmyla Yaroslavivna

She graduated from Lviv National Medical University. She has a specialization in psychiatry and psychotherapy. She have published scientific articles: “Anemia of Pregnant Women”; “Urinary Tract Infections”.

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