10 Household Tasks That Are Great Workouts For Your Period

Written by Dr. Stefanenko Irina Borisovna on Thu, 05 October 2023

Key Highlights

  • Being physically active during periods can be beneficial in managing period pain.
  • While extreme workouts on your periods are avoidable, medium to low-intensity workouts can be great when dealing with period pain. 
  • Household chores are a great physical activity for those who hate to exercise. 
  • Here's a list of household tasks that will also double up as workouts.

Period days can make an active woman go into her shell and fall into a sedentary lifestyle. This often leads to the aggravation of PMS symptoms like mental brain fog, period headaches, body aches, bloating, digestive issues, and mood swings. Sometimes being sedentary can also worsen menstrual pain and cramps for women.

It is a proven fact that being physically active during periods or indulging in low to moderate-intensity exercise can be beneficial in managing period pain as well as mental and emotional symptoms. When our body does some physical activity, the body muscles are put to work. This has a positive impact on the body as the body releases endorphins comprising happy hormones from exercising or physical activity.

Extreme and high-intensity workouts during periods can seem like a big task. However, light to medium-intensity workouts can be beneficial. Some household chores can be a great thing to do during period pain; they are also great physical activity ideas for those who hate exercise. Performing these tasks can provide the body with the light movements that it needs. These activities can also take your mind off periods.

Here are 10 household tasks that are workouts in disguise:

1. Doing your laundry

Nowadays we all do our laundry in a washing machine or send it to the cleaners. This has made our life easy but it has also taken away the small pleasures of getting things done ourselves. Doing laundry might seem like a menial everyday task but it has the potential to break you into a sweat. Doing your laundry can be one of the best things to do while on period to get some exercise.

Activities like bending, scrubbing your clothes, soaking your clothes, manually getting rid of all the water in them, and drying your clothes all require physical movement. This movement can not only help in burning some calories but also reduce period brain fog and negative thoughts.

Engaging in such household work can make you forget about menstrual pain and cramps and the movement can be a great way to get some endorphins.

2. Mopping the floor

We live in a time where robots can mop our floors and maids can take care of the rest. Mopping the floors by ourselves has become a rarity either because of time constraints or just because there are easier ways to get it done.

Mopping requires physical movements of the arms, legs, torso, and lots of bending. Mopping your home floors can help you burn calories and get your body the exercise it needs during periods. If you are a cleaning freak, you ought to enjoy this movement-packed workout that can be done at home.

Don't forget the mental satisfaction that you will receive post mopping your floors of all the dust and impurities. Mopping on period days can help in the release of endorphins in your body. It can give a feeling of tranquility and accomplishment after you are done.

3. Washing the car

Washing your car is a fun way to work your body during periods. The activity of scrubbing your car with soap and water free of all the dirt is not only satisfying but also a great way to get some exercise. When on your periods, getting out there and doing some physical activities can be beneficial.

Washing your car can be a good moderate-intensity exercise during periods. This exercise can help you burn calories, break a sweat and give your mind a sense of direction during period days. After you are done cleaning your car and it looks spick and spans you will feel worthy of spending your time doing this activity.

This can release feel-good hormones in your body. So, give this one a try!

4. Gardening

Who doesn't love gardening? Gardening might be a messy affair for some, but it is an activity cherished by many. Gardening is often considered an activity that calms the mind and helps in feeling pleasant. Even though it is not considered an exercise, gardening requires shoving, digging, pulling, planting, loosening the soil, lifting buckets of water, watering the plants, etc.

These activities can require some effort and also burn calories. The activities involved in gardening can help relieve menstrual pain by releasing endorphins in the body. These happy hormones can alleviate period pain and calm the mind the body. Physical activity is also good for the body's muscles and bones. All these reasons make gardening a hit household task when it comes to indoor activities that can burn calories.

5. Scrubbing the washrooms

We all prefer clean and neat toilets that feel fresh while using. But when it comes to scrubbing the bathroom floors or toilets no one wants to be the one doing it. Taking up this task while being on your period can be a brave task. It's not only an active task but it is also a necessary one.

Getting done with scrubbing and cleaning your washrooms can help you lose a good amount of calories. This exercise can feel like it's easy but doing it can surely leave you sweaty and tired. The result will leave you happy and satisfied as cleaning does release happy hormones in your body.

Taking up this household activity can help you alleviate period pain and take your mind off the negative thoughts. Little wonder that this activity is one of the best things to do during periods of pain.

6. Running errands

Running errands can be a strenuous activity. Lifting heavy bags filled with groceries and going shop to shop can be an effective way to burn calories and get some exercise during period days. Going to run errands on a bicycle or walking to the supermarket you can get your body to move and burn some calories. By lifting heavy bags your muscles will be worked out.

Walking is the best way to run errands as it gives you a chance to get a good look at the stuff around you and also helps you get some exercise. This can help in relieving period pain, menstrual cramps, and period brain fog. With some physical activity, you can better your menstrual health and feel good even during period days. Let running errands ensure a healthy and happy period for you.

7. Getting rid of cobwebs

Dusty ceilings and cobwebs in the corners of walls are a problem we all face. Getting rid of these cobwebs and dirty ceilings can be an issue. Cleaning these areas requires a lot of physical effort and it can be counted as an exercise.

Climbing on a table and clearing out cobwebs with a broom is a power-packed task. During period days stretching can be beneficial for body pain and stomach pain. Cleaning the top region of the house will require stretching and bending.

Doing so can help you during your menstrual days. It can relieve muscle pain and help you to sweat it out. Give this household activity cum workout a try and see how it helps you warm up and get your body moving.

8. Ironing

Ironing our clothes at home would be an activity that would require our physical and mental attention to the fullest. It is also a skill to iron clothes neatly and properly.

Ironing involves bending and upper body movements while standing. These can help in relieving lower back pain and stretching out the spine. Ironing clothes during your period days can help you get into work mode and even burn some calories. Ironing can help your brain focus on work and take your mind off the negative period thoughts. This is a great way to keep your brain and body active at home during periods.

9. Washing the windows

Cleaning is an essential task. Washing the windows of your house can be a great exercise for you on your period days. This type of cleaning is a low to moderate-intensity exercise that you can follow on period days. It will help you to loosen up your body muscles and maintain an active lifestyle.

Washing windows involves lifting heavy buckets of water, wiping with soap, cleaning with regular water, mild scrubbing, wiping, squatting down, bending, and so on. These activities can burn good amounts of calories and put your body to work.

It can also help you focus on a particular task without being affected by negative period emotions or mood swings. This is a great way to get some physical activity at home and get things done while being on your period.

10. Doing the dishes manually

Eating at home means there are going to be dishes to clean. Cleaning the dirty dishes might sound like a boring task but it sure is an essential part of daily life. Cleaning the dishes manually needs you to work while standing. You are constantly working your arms while scrubbing and washing the dishes. This might not seem like a lot but it's a good way to maintain movement during period days. Doing dishes can help you feel accomplished which can indeed be a plus point against negative period emotions and period brain fog.

Take up these household tasks during your period days, and let them help you get you all the exercise for health and fitness. Give these household tasks a try and see how it makes a difference in your physical and mental health during the menstrual week. Have an active period!


Dr. Stefanenko Irina Borisovna

Dr. Stefanenko Irina Borisovna Is a medical doctor based out of Ukraine. Dr. Borisovna graduated from the Vinnitsa State Medical University, in 1995. In between 1995-2000, Dr. Borisovna went on to further pursue her post graduation studying scientific activity from the Vinnytsa Medical University in Ukraine.

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