Active Living With Liver Disease

Written by Dr. Stefanenko Irina Borisovna on Tue, 01 August 2023

Key Highlights

  • The liver plays key roles in the body's detox, filtration and metabolic functions and controls blood sugar levels.
  • Sometimes diseases like malaria or anemia, viral infections like hepatitis or excessive fat from being overweight can affect liver health.
  • Keeping your weight in check and leading an active life is one way to ensure long-term liver health.
  • Read here about exercises for liver health to help manage your weight and prevent progression of fatty liver disease.

We may often fret when we have an issue with our teeth, skin, or hair because they are the most noticed parts of our body. But as we go about our daily lives, a silent musketeer in our body- the liver, is very efficiently participating in virtually every task that our body does for its smooth functioning, helping us engage in everyday active living.

One way to assist this is to indulge in exercise for healthy liver.

Liver: Know its routine

Our liver plays the role of a detox factory that's brimming with activity. Right from providing fuel from the food we consume, detoxification of food toxins and medicine by-products, producing proteins, controlling your blood sugar, filtering the bacteria in our blood, storing the extra nutrients, the liver is involved in varied activities.

The liver is called a silent organ, but how long can it remain so? The liver has its way of making its presence felt if not cared for. It is therefore important that we adopt ways to a healthy liver.

The troubled liver

At times, the liver gets into trouble. Certain diseases like malaria, some types of anemia destroy red blood cells rapidly and the pigments accumulate faster than they can be disposed of by the liver. Obstructions in the gall bladder can also back up pigments spilling them in the blood. These conditions may lead to jaundice. At the same time, if you tend to feel tired always, poor liver health too could be behind it.

Viral infections like hepatitis can damage liver cells. Excessive fat can displace the working cells of the liver leading to fatty liver disease.

Watch your weight

If you consume a healthy diet, keep your weight in check and lead an active life, your liver remains healthy as well. But the liver goes off guard if you keep consuming unhealthy, fatty, fried, or salty food all the time. Such prolonged neglect can lead to liver disease. The moment you put on weight, the liver grows fatter too. Exercise for liver health can help manage your weight and prevent the progression of fatty liver disease.

Exercises for healthy liver

  • Strength training with weights (3 days a week) Start with low weights to keep you strong. You won't lose a lot of muscle mass, and you can continue to eat healthy protein that your liver can metabolize.
  • Aerobic exercise-Walk, Cycle, Run (5 days a week 30-60 minutes) Walking helps you beat fatigue and peps up your energy. Cycling and running give immense benefits.
  • Reclaim your health with yoga Certain yoga exercises help ease fatty liver symptoms.
    • Cobra Pose - Bhujangasana -Stimulates the liver, allows free flow of oxygen and blood.
    • Bow Pose - Dhanurasana -Gives a stretch and relaxant effect, strengthens the liver.
    • Boat Pose - Naukasana -Helps cleanse harmful toxins.
    • The Half Spinal Twist Pose - Ardha Matsyendrasana -Increases blood flow within the body.
    • Cow Face Pose - Gomukhasana -Detoxifies the abdominal organs
    • Breathing exercise- Pranayama -Calms the mind


Keeping liver health in check is vital, for the roles it plays in several key body functions. There are several exercises to achieve this and prevent the progression of fatty liver disease. The above yoga asanas for liver health can help as also a balanced diet, adequate hydration and avoiding alcohol as possible and leading an active and healthy lifestyle with exercise for a healthy liver.

It is also important to get all the nutrients you need by eating healthy veggies, fruit, and protein as ways to improve liver function. It is also advisable to halt consumption of alcohol, remain hydrated, increase Vitamin C intake and avoid oily foods to continue to living an active lifestyle.

After all, a little proactiveness coupled with exercises good for the liver can be one of the best ways to improve liver function.


Dr. Stefanenko Irina Borisovna

Dr. Stefanenko Irina Borisovna Is a medical doctor based out of Ukraine. Dr. Borisovna graduated from the Vinnitsa State Medical University, in 1995. In between 1995-2000, Dr. Borisovna went on to further pursue her post graduation studying scientific activity from the Vinnytsa Medical University in Ukraine.

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