Flower Power: How Flowers Can Affect Your Emotional Health

Written by Dr. Dovbakh Olga Dmitrivna on Fri, 11 November 2022


Valentine's day celebrations are incomplete without flowers. Getting flowers for your significant other is one of the most romantic things you can do this Valentine's day. But did you know that giving flowers to your loved one does more than wooing their heart?
A small act like giving your bae a bouquet has a huge impact on their emotional health and overall wellbeing. Studies have shown that giving flowers improves mood, social response, and in some cases memory power of a person.

Read on to know more about Flower Power and how it helps your emotional health

Flowers for positive vibes

Mental health and emotional well-being are now an important part of holistic health. This Valentine's day, prioritize your partner's mental well-being. It has been established that the act of gifting your significant other flowers can improve their mood. The bright colors and sweet fragrance of flowers can stimulate the release of a hormone called Serotonin. This hormone is also called the happiness hormone since it helps regulate the mood of a person.

This Valentine's day gift to the love of your life some flowers and positive vibes!

Flowers for your lover's heart

Flowers and Heart health-Is there a link? There is evidence that relaxing odors that come from flowers like lavender and roses produce calming effects on the body. Having such aromas will not only keep you calm but will also keep your blood pressure in check.
Furthermore, relaxing odors are also shown to decrease heart rate and help prevent unwanted cardiovascular conditions. Now that's a benefit you cannot ignore!

This Valentine's day use that flower power to keep unwanted heart problems at bay!

Sleep like a baby!

The secret to a healthy mind and fit body is a goodnight's sleep. With the pandemic and people locked inside their homes, our sleeping habits are gone for a toss. Did you know that the essential oils present in flowers help us sleep better? Studies have shown that relaxing fragrances obtained from certain flowers (eg. Lavender) have mild sedative effects on individuals.

Quicker onset and deeper sleep were observed in individuals that had flowers with a pleasant aroma in their rooms. This Valentine's day gift your partner their favorite flowers and with it a goodnight's sleep!

Boost Concentration Power with Flower Power

As mentioned earlier, fragrances from certain flowers have a sedative effect on people. In the same way, certain fragrances can do the opposite. Studies suggest that stimulating fragrances from flowers like roses and jasmine can positively affect a person's concentration.
In addition to this, inhaling such fragrances have been shown to increase positive emotions, liveliness, and vigor in people. This February boost your partner's Concentration Power with Flower Power!

A gentle way to beat mental health problems: flowers!

Mental health issues pose a great threat to your relationship. With ever-increasing stress and expectations, your mental health is the first to get hit. Small gestures like gifting your partner their favorite flowers or potpourri can make a big difference in their mental and emotional well-being.
Studies have shown that surrounding yourself with relaxing fragrances obtained from flowers has an anxiolytic and antidepressant effect. Inhalation of these fragrances stimulates the release of neurotransmitters like serotonin, dopamine which help improve mood and in turn produce anxiolytic and antidepressant effects.

Show your significant other their significance in your life by getting them an assortment of beautiful and aromatic flowers!

Conquer stress with flower power!

Ever-increasing pressure and expectations at work and in personal life can stress anyone out. As we all know, a highly stressful lifestyle has a lot of deleterious effects on one's physical and mental health. It attracts diseases such as hypertension, obesity, diabetes, etc.
Now we don't want our loved ones to suffer from all that. This Valentine's day helps reduce their stress levels by gifting them a bouquet of bright and sweet-smelling blossoms!
There is evidence that suggests, inhaling the fragrance of flowers like lavender, roses, and jasmine can help lower cortisol levels in the blood. The hormone cortisol is responsible for the generation of stress in the body.

Get your loved one a bouquet for a stress-free Valentine's day!

Gifting your loved one flowers seems like a simple and stereotypical gesture. But goes a long way in preserving your partner's wellbeing. We hope that this article has convinced you about the benefits of flower power!

Wish you both a happy and healthy Valentine's day!


Dr. Dovbakh Olga Dmitrivna

Dr. Dovbakh Olga Dmitrivna is a Clinical Psychologist based out of Ukraine. She graduated from the Bukovinian State Medical University, Ukraine back in 2009. Driven by a thirst of knowledge and with a keen interest in matters of the mind, Dr. Dovbakh Olga Dmitrivna went back to University in 2021 to specialise in psychiatry.

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