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Written by Dr. Pramod Mane on Tue, 01 August 2023


Have you ever started on a fitness regime and quit midway? You started eating healthy food, exercising regularly, and also hit the gym every day. However, did your excitement fade away all too soon from get-back-in-shape to those poor old habits? You are not alone! We have all been there and done that. The key to weight loss isn't simply about what you eat or how much you exercise - it's about your attitude and motivation.

Sticking to a fitness schedule or indulging in a healthy diet or regular exercise isn't easy. After all, there are a lot of factors like tiredness, boredom, lack of self-confidence that can stand in your way. You may be making excuses for yourself, or could even be stuck in a genuine problem.

Now, what if instead of making huge changes with the all or nothing principle, you resolve to make a few simple changes at a time? The key is to take small steps and move ahead consistently.

Here are some ways you can tackle the problems you face:

1. I don't have time for exercise

Well, to be honest, setting aside time for fitness and exercise can be quite a task. If you have a busy schedule, try waking up 30 minutes early for at least few times a week and aim to work up your way to exercise. Thrice a week can be a good start.

2. I find exercise very boring

It's natural to grow weary of repetitive tasks especially when you don't have company. However, you can make exercise interesting by choosing different activities and exploring new options. Consider getting a friend or a co-worker to work out with you. This can make working out a fun experience and something to look forward to.

3. I tried exercising in the past but it didn't help

Evaluate what went wrong but don't give up. Although you may not see visible changes, exercise can always impact your health in a positive way.

4. I can't bear my hunger pangs

The very thought of food can make you crave junk, sugars or fats causing you to eat more and more. Eat mindfully and consider the impact of food choices you make.

5. I don't know how many calories to eat

Our calorie intake per day generally depends on age, metabolism and level of physical activity. The recommended daily calorie intake for men is about 2500 and for women is 2000. You can use health apps and check the food labels of packaged foods to understand how many calories you are consuming.

6. I exercise regularly, so I don't need to eat healthy

The misconception that exercising is enough to maintain or lose weight needs to be done away with. Exercise and healthy food go hand in hand. You burn calories when you exercise, but it doesn't make sense to eat more and consume more calories, is it?

7. I don't get time to eat breakfast

Breakfast is considered to be the most important meal by many. It kickstarts your metabolism and helps you burn calories throughout the day. However, you may tend to skip breakfast because you woke up late or are rushing for a meeting. Whatever the reason, you shouldn't skip out on this meal. If you don't have time for a full-fledged breakfast, you can have a grab and go breakfast like low-fat yoghurt, cereal bars, whole-grain cereal, and hard-boiled eggs.

8. Check out what makes you overeat

Do you use food as a tool to cope with disappointment, success, boredom or rejection? Think of some healthier options to cope with mood swings. Keep your kitchen stocked with fruits and vegetables, low-fat yoghurt and other healthier choices.

9. Make it fun, experiment with recipes

Eating healthy doesn't have to be boring. You can try out new recipes from magazines or food blogs. Diet can be interesting and fun if you break up your routine with exciting new recipes.

10. Plan ahead of time

Plan out your day to squeeze in time for preparing a healthy meal and exercising. Plan a healthy menu and write a shopping list to take to the store. Prepare some healthy snacks to munch on well in advance, so that you don't resort to the unhealthy options out there.

11. Move more, sit less

Make healthy choices to stay physically active. Take the stairs at work. Go for long walks with friends and family. If it's raining outside, walk at home, or take a jog. Even engaging in household chores can keep you on your feet and help you move around more.

12. Portion control

Eating out of large bowls or plates makes us eat more than we normally would. Try eating out of smaller bowls or containers. This can help you to avoid eating large helpings even if we go for seconds.

13. Feel good about yourself

If you look at yourself in a positive light, people around you will also feel the same about you. Being on a healthy diet and exercising regularly not only keeps you fit physically but also has a huge impact on your mental health. Reinforcing the idea of a healthy you can go a long way in your journey to fitness.

14. Enjoy your journey

Don't forget to enjoy each day's journey amidst your exercise and weight loss goals. Live for the moment and enjoy the simple pleasures of life, every day.

Praise yourself for committing to a healthy lifestyle. It won't always be easy, but keep in mind the important fact that you will never regret making good decisions!


Dr. Pramod Mane

A Doctor of Medicine (MD) in Pharmacology., currently based in Mumbai, India, Dr Pramod Mane, comes with an experience of more than 20 years of working in Medical Affairs in the Pharmaceuticals & Nutraceutical Industry. Director of Medical Services at Mega Lifesciences since 2008, Dr Mane has been associated with several MNCS in the areas of Medical Affairs, Medical Services, Medico-marketing, Pharmacovigilance & Clinical trials in his illustrious career.

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